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My pleasure to make you(r) smile!



Our whole appearance is enhanced by natural-looking, pearly-white teeth, though it is important not to forget that they also have an important practical role to fulfil.

The internationally accredited dental specialist Dr. Robert Strohkendl MSc considers both factors to be of fundamental importance in his work:

“Cosmetic dentistry isn’t simply a matter of fitting ceramic caps and bleaching stained teeth, it draws on the combined professional expertise, dexterity and artistic vision of a whole team of experts.”

best dentist ever

Leading Dental Center of the World



Dr. Strohkendl MSc, a member of numerous professional associations and joint founder and board member of the German Society for Aesthetic & Reconstructive Dentistry, puts this philosophy into practice each and every day. Cosmetic appearance and practical function are inextricably linked in modern dentistry.

Since 01.03.2008 Dr. Strohkendl is an elected member of the "Leading dental centers of the world", an institution who cares about quality in dentistry worldwide. (

You can reach us:




Fon: 0711 / 78 09 100


Opening hours:

Mon and Wed 11am - 8pm
Tue and Thu 7am - 4pm
Fri 7am - Noon

Approach: You can find Dr. Strohkendl MSc. in the industrial zone in Stuttgart Vaihingen, next to train station



Industriestr. 2, 70565 Stuttgart
Phone: +49 0 711 7809100
Fax: +49 0 711 7809105

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